The products are made with the finest materials and fabrics sourced from Italy, France and Turkey, the final assembly is made in Ukraine.

The quality is significantly higher compared to products made in China with faster shipping times. Manufacturing costs are also much lower than production in Western Europe.

Minimum CAC:

Marketing makes for up to 95% of most product costs. Some of it is media-buying which doesn’t convert to sales. The rest is influencer-driven and social media marketing.

We cut the middle-man so both Talent and Casta make more money.

Maximum ARPU:

The 17.85x times difference in GDP Per Capita of Ukraine ($3,659) and the United States ($65,298) allows to leverage ultra luxury market segments by offering premium product with low COGS and high profit margins.

Multiple EXITS:

Every Talent brand deal is a joint venture company owned by the respective Talent, their team and Casta.